Tuesday, June 20, 2023

Introducing "No Town Vandal"...


Introducing No Town Vandal, the name swiped from a gamer tag of a friend 15 years ago and kept on the back burner awaiting the day he was ready to embrace this name that was more true to his actual self. At the time, the MC was going by Primordial Emcee and was a founding member of Toronto rap group Faction, who would release a couple of albums and an EP before disbanding to pursue solo careers. Primordial Emcee released a single solo album with Hand’Solo Records before a name change to District Prime and the formation of a new group, Primal Winds, with MC/producer/beatboxer Iron Wind, also a prior member in Faction. Primal Winds released six albums, an EP, and a bunch of singles before breaking up. Now, he re-brands as No Town Vandal and breaks down the meaning behind the name on his self-titled first single from his upcoming NTV EP. “No Town Vandal” is a hype track with a big, banging beat from D-Low Beats out of Rome, Italy and a variety of tight flows that demonstrate a confident MC who has levelled up.

Written and performed by No Town Vandal

Produced by D-Low Beats

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