Friday, June 30, 2023

LXVNDR & Tachichi - Found Money

Found Money is the new collaboration between looming luminary LXVNDR and longterm veteran Tachichi, both highlights of the Halifax hip hop scene. The album is an eclectic mix of sounds, including throwback boom bap, slow jams, horrorcore, club bangers, and even a touch of reggae, the production provided by longtime Tachichi collaborator Moves, newest Snowgoons member BoFaat, the legendary Buck 65, plus Kulya, Dirty Dane, DK the Producer, and Trobiz. It’s all held together by the confident delivery and bold braggadocio of the two emcees, touching on topics as diverse as getting high, women’s issues, politics, suckers, and an ode to their peoples. And speaking of peoples, LXVNDR and Tachichi bring along Jay’Mila, Paollo, Cee!!!!!!!!!, and Ghettosocks to share in the dope bars and flow flexing. Found Money is a hot, hit-heavy album that will reward repeat plays.

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