Tuesday, June 27, 2023

Ol' Gorilla Bones x The Dirty Sample are "Half Dead" (single)


Ol’ Gorilla Bones’ undeniable drive for revenge first surfaced on “Back From The Dead”, the debut single from Revenge Vol. 1, and now he returns with the sequel/third single from the upcoming second volume of the series. “Half Dead” is a revenge film in song format. Over The Dirty Sample’s cinematic horror soundtrack—the plinking piano, creepy synth, heavy drums, and the abundant cymbals of the chorus all moving through a variety of evolving arrangements—“Half Dead” opens when our heroic killer ape, now “half dead, jump[s] out the casket blasting” and continues to proceed from bloody murder scene to bloody murder scene, slaying one clown shoe rapper after another. As OGB raps, “Oh boy, it’s the time for slashin'!” And roll end credits.

Written and performed by Ol’ Gorilla Bones

Produced by The Dirty Sample

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