Tuesday, July 11, 2023

Mickey O'Brien - Antipathy (feat. Myka 9)


For the first single from his third album, Orebody, Mickey O'Brien enlists the assistance of Myka 9, a recent touring partner and founding member of the Grammy-nominated Freestyle Fellowship, to touch on the topic of disgust using as a metaphor the general disregard by the general public and the powers that be for the poisoning of our water, which can also refer to humanity as a whole as well as to the self. From Montezuma's Revenge to Flint, Michigan, there's something in the water. The chill, melancholy production by Juno-nominated producer Fresh Kils is augmented by Anthony Rinaldi on sax and Zachary Clement on keyboards. Along with his verse, Myka 9 lends his voice to the hook backed by the soulful singing of Sarah Craig. 

The single is released with an even more melancholy and soulful remix by Factor Chandelier, and the accompanying animated video by Baked Clown makes the message of “Antipathy” more explicit. 

Written and performed by Mickey O'Brien and Myka 9 
Produced by Fresh Kils 
Cuts by DJ Versitile 
Saxophone by Anthony Rinaldi 
Keys by Zachary Clement 
Additional Vocals by Sarah Craig 
Mastered by Dorc 

Artwork by Ghettosocks

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