Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Fortunato & Sean One travel the "Long Road" with new single


“Long Road”, the fourth single from Fortunato & Sean One’s Blue Collar 2 album, examines Fortunato’s extensive experience in the music business and how it’s shaped him as a person. Perseverance is the overlying message. One must forge ahead despite distractions and hopelessness as the only way to reach our goals. Sean One's quirky boom bap beat blends guitar stabs and plinking piano over a solid drum loop punctuated with cymbal hits, all of which serves as a fabulous accompaniment for Fortunato The video was shot in Sudbury by Koncept and features several iconic landmarks and a pitbull co-star. It’s a beautiful capture of Northern Ontario nature. 

Written and performed by Fortunato 
Produced by Sean One

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