Tuesday, October 31, 2023

The Chronicles of Nefaeria Volume 1 by ILL SYKES & RELENSE


Ill Sykes' latest EP (his first on vinyl) takes us on a perilous "Black Mirror" journey through the land of Nefaeria - a fantastical urban sprawl juxtaposed with modern-day London. Across seven tracks running over 30 minutes, Sykes - joined by Bxrbarian, C.O.N-Vers, Jibbarish, King Kakarot, Lomax, Charles Sagan and Tesla's Ghost - projects a nightmarish metropolis of boiling rivers and high-rise buildings leaking toxic waste from drainpipes. A place populated by thieves, snitches and drug dealers as unsavory as the corrupt politicians who run it. We are reminded of the small and big problems that weave a web around our tangled daily lives. Effortlessly guided by Relense's atmospheric production, Sykes leaves an indelible mark like a graffiti writer's ink mop, delivering a nightmarish soundtrack to a Britain in crisis.

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