Friday, November 24, 2023

Copywrite "Mixtapes In My Sleep" w/ Muckey Factz prod by Swab

The year was 2013; I was serving 6 months for assaulting an officer of the law. One night I woke up to urinate, but the dream I woke up from was full of all this new music that didn't exist yet. I liked the idea, so I quickly wrote two verses and went back to sleep. Fast forward to a year ago when I was going through some of my many notebooks at D1's studio and I stumbled upon this little "mixtapes in my sleep" song. I went through some swab bangers and picked one that I felt fit the vibe of what I was talking about in the rhymes and I recorded it. It was a one-take thing. I'm rapping pretty relaxed on it and I was having fun. I really like the idea of putting the dj front and center because in this day and age people seem to have forgotten that all this hiphop sh*t started with a dj. Also, about 4-5 things that either me or Mickey said in our rhymes have come to fruition haha. Speaking of Mickey, I had to bring in one of the greatest emcees of our time (factz!) and voila! We have the lead single off of my new upcoming album, "T.H.E. LAST SUPPER", coming out early 2024 on Man Bites Dog.

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