Friday, November 17, 2023

THE LIE by BlackLiq


In the year of the rabbit, 2023, BlackLiq takes a look at the industry, traveling deep down the rabbit hole that is "the industry" with a magnifying glass, taking notes on all the schemes and agendas that modern rappers must navigate. So what did he discover? Vast levels of shenanigans and buffoonery being role-played and presented as content, all for the sake of generating "followers".


Creating an orchestra for BlackLiq to speak his mind is DEJECT aka Big Bando Mane, another Richmond, Virginia resident. The two artists have come together to create a ten song album called "THE LIE" that exposes the twisted game of chutes and ladders that artists have to play in order to achieve "success" in the entertainment industry.

BlackLiq even pushes back on the audience, at times questioning their role in all of this. You can almost feel a Gladiator "aren't you entertained?" moment coming on. The album, with all the right parts of frustration, motivation, self-destruction, and satire, will be released on vinyl and digitally on Bandcamp via Man Bites Dog Records on 11/17/23.

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