Tuesday, November 14, 2023

We Do Good by Edo.G

Edo.G · We Do Good

Veteran Boston rapper Edo.G has released his latest album, "We Do Good," following a four-year hiatus from releasing solo material. The album, which was released on November 14, 2023, features a total of 15 tracks, including the lead single "Gillie Shit." "We Do Good" is a return to form for Edo.G, who is known for his introspective and socially conscious lyrics. The album is a mix of boom bap, jazz, and soul, and features a variety of producers, including The Alchemist, Pete Rock, and Statik Selektah. In an interview with HipHopDX, Edo.G spoke about the inspiration behind the album, saying, "I wanted to make an album that was reflective of the times we live in, but also inspiring and hopeful. I think there's a lot of good in the world, and I wanted to capture that in my music." "We Do Good" has been met with critical acclaim, with many praising Edo.G's lyrical prowess and the album's production. The album has also been well-received by fans, who have praised its originality and message.

Here are some of the early reviews for "We Do Good":

HipHopDX: "Edo.G's new album is a return to form for the veteran rapper. 'We Do Good' is a mix of boom bap, jazz, and soul, and features some of Edo.G's most introspective and socially conscious lyrics to date."

AllHipHop: "'We Do Good' is a testament to Edo.G's longevity and relevance in the rap game. The album is full of mature and thought-provoking lyrics, and the production is some of the best you'll hear all year."

RapReviews: "Edo.G is back with a vengeance on 'We Do Good.' The album is a powerful and moving commentary on the state of the world, and Edo.G's lyrics are as sharp as ever."

If you're a fan of Edo.G or just looking for some new hip-hop to listen to, be sure to check out "We Do Good." It's an album that is sure to please.

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