Tuesday, January 16, 2024

Necessary Evil by Fubar & DJ Rhum'1


"Necessary Evil" is a profound and introspective album that delves into a turbulent psyche. It serves as a therapeutic outlet for someone who deals with mental challenges by meticulously analyzing his own mind and expressing his thoughts through poetry.

The thematic core of the album is intensely dark, hyper-analytical and negative, reflecting his internal struggles. Each track acts as a cathartic journey, inviting the listener into the complex landscape of his mind. The lyrical content is a poignant exploration of the artist's inner demons, providing a raw and unfiltered glimpse into the emotional turmoil that accompanies mental health challenges.

The artist acknowledges a perceived darkness in his music, going so far as to call it "evil. However, he introduces a thought-provoking twist by considering this perceived malevolence as "necessary evil. In this context, music becomes an essential part of the artist's coping mechanism, a requirement for him to achieve a sense of normalcy. The term "Necessary Evil" implies that creating such music is an indispensable part of the artist's journey toward self-discovery and mental well-being.

This album challenges conventional notions of darkness and embraces the idea that expressing one's inner turmoil can be both unsettling and vital to personal equilibrium. "A haunting yet essential exploration of the shadows within, Necessary Evil offers listeners a visceral and authentic experience of the artist's ongoing struggle with mental health.

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