Tuesday, January 16, 2024


About “Prime Conspiracy”

A collaboration of conspiracy-minded Canadian compatriots Conspiracy and District Prime (nka No Town Vandal) with BC ex-pat DJ Matto (currently living in Japan) providing the dark, spacey production and name-dropping cuts. Conspiracy takes up the bulk of the vocals on this one but both he and Prime deliver a dense display of lyrical wordplay and bold braggadocio in their own unique styles. An authentic, unorthodox audio art attack. And also the second and last single in a collab project put on hold and now never to be completed. Rest in Peace, Conspiracy.

About Conspiracy

A founding member of Supreme Being Unit with twin brother Mindbender Supreme and producer Kelron Magnanimous aka Nick Knox, releasing The First Great Pyramid in 1996 as a trio before continuing on as a duo with their classic sophomore album Mental Reverse, Spiritual Rebirth (1997) eventually followed by In Space No One Can Hear You Rhyme (2010). Conspiracy has also released a large number of solo albums and collaborations with Legendary Entertainment and his own label, Astral Majesty Creations. He is also the subject of the documentary film Mars Project, an examination of his possession by interstellar demons intent on his destruction, also the inspiration for his album Sex Is the Key to Immortality. In 2023, Conspiracy transcended to a higher dimension. Rest in peace, King.

About District Prime

Like many in the rap game, District Prime has cycled through a few monickers, all in service to his evolution as an MC. Primordial Emcee was a founding member of Faction, a Toronto rap group that would release two albums and an EP before deciding each member should focus on solo work, and the group just slowly dissolved. Prime’s solo album was X-Faction 2: Reanimated, and featured heavily the production and raps of ex-Faction member Iron Wind. As District Prime, he would team with Iron Wind to form Primal Winds, releasing a further six albums, an EP, and a bunch of singles before their messy break up. These days he goes by No Town Vandal. Watch out for his NTV EP dropping soon.

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