Friday, February 2, 2024

Criminal Minded by SOLO K.OS & SABIOBEATS


Only K.OS and SabioBeats present "CRIMINAL MINDED". This debut album from Solo K.OS revisits the gritty and dark sound of the Golden Era, adding a nostalgic touch to their contemporary sound. The album is a socio-cultural analysis of the K.OS generation. The storytelling, the bars and the heavy and intense beats are the elements that make this album an authentic masterpiece of Spanish rap. The album features collaborations from SD Kong, Toteking, Nessa, Nico Miseria, Dano, DJ Swet, D.Phillips and Ezdo Marchito, in addition to the cast of guest artists in skits and other segments. The mixing and mastering of "CRIMINAL MINDED" was done by P-One, the designs are the work of SabioBeats himself.

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