Friday, March 1, 2024

Sonny Kovah by Sankofa


This album is inspired by AZ, with the luxuriousness of Serf's lush production instantly transporting me to that state of mind.
Serf posted that he was prepping a new beat tape, so I reached out to let him know that if he ever wanted a random verse/track on it, I'd be happy to drop something. He then told me that I was someone he wanted to work with, but I was so busy he figured he'd wait a while. The project was originally going to be just a handful of tracks, but then expanded to 11, with me calling on dope friends to contribute (JON?DOE, Chuck Brown Lyrics, Jeff Spec and G Fam Black with verses, DJ Navin Johnson with cuts), then sending it off to my man Tali Rodriguez, the genius behind so much of what I do.
The title came about because executive producer JS Rivera, who some may know as Royalty OGTCH's son, had a little trouble saying my rap name. What better way to celebrate my first executive produced album than to have it unknowingly overseen/titled by a kid? Kids rule. I'm gonna send his dad a tape because being an executive producer is a big deal.

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