Tuesday, April 9, 2024

Hennessy & Hip Hop by PiFF PENNY


Piff Penny and Kyng Syx are at it again. This new track "Hennessy & Hip Hop" has all the right ingredients to be a potential classic. Kyng Syx has concocted a fresh track that grabs you right away. The way Piff Penny started the first 8 bars, whoooooo! He set the tone for this great song. This hook has mean mugging. Cage with the straight forward bars. Cage holds the song together, creating balance and integrity. Oh, it gets better. Kyng Syx brings in Aida to finish this flammer! Aida slides flawlessly on the beat creating no droughts on why she's here!
Celebrating Hip Hop and the era and choice of drink, Piff Penny arranges a dope cover to show the love for it all. Kyng Syx's talent is attracting international attention by collaborating with highly talented artists. Piff Penny and Kyng Syx are coming off their latest single "Family Function" which is available on all DSP's. "Hennessey & Hip Hop will be released on Bandcamp on April 9th and on all DSP's by April 14th.

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