Tuesday, April 9, 2024

Son Brave - In Tha Game Ft. McKeldin & Bari Lutalo

There are always unwritten codes that either help or hurt you in the game. You learn what's what pretty quick growing up in Baltimore. These underlying themes are the lynchpin of the new song "In Tha Game".
Son Brave, McKeldin & Bari Lutalo break down the subtle layers of the "game" over Mydus' soulful, hard-hitting production. Son Brave's chorus highlights their mindset in the face of these obstacles in the lyrics: "Always prepared, deep in the game, no accessory - still spit propane, die on this hill, who king in the game?
"In Tha Game" is the first single from Son Brave's full-length debut album, East 25th Street. Originally released in conjunction with the Black Arts District to promote Baltimore Hip Hop Week.

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