Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Epic & Rob Crooks introduce "Sad Rapper Jack"


Epic & Rob Crooks present “Sad Rapper Jack”, the second single from their forthcoming album, Nassau Manor, on Hand’Solo Records. Writing to the melancholy, ethereal beat by Rob Crooks, equal parts soulful and jazzy, Epic was thinking of a good friend of his that was sad all the time when he realized Jack was part of a much larger sad rapper movement. Were The Smiths to blame? Using Jack as a surrogate for this phenomenon, Epic delivers his message with a dry sense of humour and in his unique folk rap flow. “Sad Rapper Jack” was recorded at the Nassau Manor apartments in Winnipeg, MB in a closet padded with a cut-up used cubicle bought at a surplus sale. That’s a different kind of sad.

Written and performed by Epic 
Produced by Rob Crooks

The video was filmed and edited by Rob Crooks, featuring Epic rapping around a wintery Edmonton, AB at landmark sites such as the West Edmonton Mall, the Starlite Room, and his own basement and backyard. Also includes cameos by local rappers Touch and Emprime.

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