Friday, May 10, 2024

The Last Supper by Copywrite


Underground Hip Hop veteran and esteemed lyricist Copywrite enlists indie golden age emcees & producers from his early Rawkus, Eastern Conference & Fondle 'Em Records days with his seventh studio album, "The Last Supper".
The album features thirteen tracks that bring back that early 2000's Weathermen feel. DJ Mighty Mi & Cop reunite for a couple of tracks that are guaranteed to tide you over until their joint EP drops later this year. The Juggaknot's resident monster, Breeze Brewin, also shows up alongside underground champion Bobbito Garcia over a banger by Swab, who handles a good portion of the album's tracks, and the result is pure 89-tek-9 nostalgia reminiscent of the WKCR hey days. The always honest and lyrical depth of Atmosphere's slug complements Copy's tales of loss & pain over the acculative years on "Turn the Page". Another standout is the track "Green Screen" where Copy drops bars like "I spread rumors people heard sh** about / tat my name on my d*** and put words in your mouth" over a classic Evidence banger. The waterproof emcee shows up alongside Niko Is and Bless Picasso for "Diamond Bukowski," and the result is nothing short of spectacular. There's a surprise guest from the Weathermen days that I've been asked not to reveal for this review, but the core WM fans will lose their minds. This is Copy's best work if you ask me. The songs are all super dense and packed with effortless details that require multiple listens to fully digest.
Twenty years of being one of independent rap's elite shines through on Pete Nelson's magnum opus, "T.H.E. Last Supper".
To the hardcore hip-hoppers,
bon appétit 

Atmosphere's Slug and Copy share some of life's ills over a guitar driven soundscape  provided by Swab. This song puts you  in the mindset of "June", where we find both artists digging deep to self reflect and relate to the listener. The Video is executed brilliantly with a clean cinematic feel which is provided by Seanie Grevencamp and Sleepy monkey films. With no further ado, Man Bites Dog Records Proudly presents "Turn the Page". 

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