Wednesday, June 12, 2024

5 Mugs of Doom by Sankofa


I've been bugging 8Greg2 for years now, he's made so many dope beats and then they just disappear. I told him to loop whatever he made out to about 3 or 4 minutes send me the file, then delete the beat. The original name for this project was Loops on top of Loops, but then he started actually sending me sequenced tracks, so I needed to come up with a title that reflected his aesthetic which is a mixture of smoke, mugs, and mystique. Once I started getting beats from him, I knew this was going to be my annual vinyl release and I had to reach out to my who's who of guests because I always try to get as many friends of mine as possible on vinyl because vinyl is just super dope to me. Truck North is one of my favorite rappers and I can't believe I got a feature from him, that's a beautiful thing.
5 Mugs of Doom is the result of making music with friends and that's one of the dopest thing in the world to me.

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