Thursday, January 28, 2021

ullnevano x MANHE - BABY JORDAN


It is fair to say that UllNevaNo has established and discovered a lane for himself in a pool of rappers, infusing hip hop while paying homage to 90s basketball, by staying focused and consistent neva taps in with Norfolk, Virginia producer MANHE for their 2nd effort since 2018’s "SHAMMGOD", called "BABY JORDAN". The self proclaimed rap Harold Miner takes listeners on a vivid acid trip of raps with the help of Iron Emperor, Regulus, and Dj Jone Doe. “What makes this project so special ullnevano and MANHE created it during the pandemic, it just displays a certain type of rawness,” says Neva.

Records like “93 Slam Dunk Contest” featuring Bronx emcee Iron Emperor is a perfect showcase of lyrical dexterity and friendly competition. "BABY JORDAN" is only out on bandcamp and will be also available on limited jewel case tape cassettes


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