Saturday, May 21, 2022

Staten Island Stapleton Pop Da Brown Hornet Drops Video After Video


For over 27 years Staten Island Stapleton Pop Da Brown Hornet has reigned in Hip Hop and continues to go strong. His reputable and well-respected catalog of music is spoken highly of nationally and internationally. Hornet has worked with legends and pioneers from Wu-Tang members, DJ Premier, legendary/billboard/platinum producers, Sway, as well as MCA Records and Sony/Orchard just to name a few. He recently released three back-to-back videos, all with different sounds, styles, lyrical content, and vibes. Watch below and connect with Pop Da Brown Hornet. 

DayDreaming Ft. The Force M.D.'s

Touchie Feelie

Foreman Mandela

Connect with Pop Da Brown Hornet
Instagram: @popdabrownhornet_10304
Twitter: @popbrownhornet
Facebook: Pop Brown Hornet
YouTube: Bombafire Enterprises

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