Saturday, November 18, 2023

Mit Streitaxt Mic und Timing by Mase & Johnny Katharsis


This record rolls in from the depths of the zone as if it had always been there. Already a classic. Like what? But. Mase and Johnny Katharsis have teamed up and you know who's kicking the bars, who's mixing and who's hissing the bottles. Dude, it's FV 2024. 14 tracks on eternal vinyl. The two LEIPZIGER MCs get going and keep what they promise in the title. With battle axe, microphone and timing. Fellow rappers sometimes ask, Digga, why do you always scream like that? SO YOU CAN BE HEARD. Everything else is history. Produced, mixed and mastered by Pawcut, with beats by Dixie Burner and Diggy Mac Dirt & features by LUN, 12 Finger Dan, B-Base & DJ Skyline.

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