Saturday, November 18, 2023

Rule Of Threes Volume 4: Illa Ghee in​.​.​. Induced Coma by Illa Ghee x Fro Magnum Man


The "rule of three" can be found in everything from writing to mathematics to hematology. The mysterious, mystical nature of the number 3 recurs in every aspect of human existence.

Fro Magnum Man's "Rule of Threes" is a series of 3-song EPs that will pay tribute to the genre of hip-hop in much the same way that Creepshow pays homage to the genre of horror. Each album will be produced by Fro Magnum Man and will feature a different emcee to tell the stories. All artwork for Rule Of Threes will be in the style of a Creepshow comic and will eventually be released as a book after Volume 10.

Step into the haunting realm of rhythmic storytelling with the 4th volume of Rule Of Threes, "Illa Ghee in... Induced Coma". Illa Ghee's iconic voice and carefully crafted verses soar seamlessly over eerie, edgy beats, taking the listener on a dark and thrilling ride through the Rule Of Threes universe.

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