Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Tachichi & Gordski are "Cucumber Cool"


What does one do when they’re cool as a cucumber? They write a song about it, of course! So that’s what Tachichi did for his 2014 project with DJ and producing partner Gordski. Previously only released on Bandcamp for a limited time, the duo drop for streaming their second single from Felt Lovejoy in celebration of the 10 year anniversary of the original EP. Tachichi breaks down what makes him cucumber cool with a hard, braggadocio battle rap and a “surgical flow” over a crunchy Gordski beat, while Yasmeen Borden and Jay O Smooth join him for the catchy chorus. The latter also provides back ups on the verses. “Cucumber Cool” as described by T, more truthfully now than ever before, is “future funk that’s fashionably late.”

Written and performed by Tachichi

Additional vocals by Yasmeen Borden and Jay O Smooth

Produced by Gordski

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